Monday, October 30, 2006

The Law is Amazing

You learn a lot of amazing things in law school, things that seem to pervert justice entirely for the sake of following abstract rules.

Take Dusenbery. When you are in prison and the government is about to forfeit all the property they took from you in your criminal investigation, they basically just need to send a certified letter to the prison. If it gets to you, great! If it doesn't, because you're in prison and sometimes the mailroom screws up delivery, oh well! Due process has been satisfied because the government tried, or at least tried to try, to give you notice.

I would call that a genuine injustice if the guy wasn't a big-time drug dealer who deserved to have his cash stolen, but still - wow. I guess the lesson is, don't commit felonies.

Uh, so, yeah, crime is bad, kids.


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