Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Don't understand an issue? Write about it anyway!
While nobody can blame the McCain campaign for using tire-gauge jokes to prompt some real discussion on energy policy, the fact some Americans became incensed over a call to pump up the PSI simply speaks to the immaturity of the electorate.
It's sort of rich to have this dig at Americans' immaturity in a pro-Obama article. Maybe this is metasatire?

More idiocy:
It also suggests that the slightest bit of sacrifice is too much for some Americans -- the Dennis Leary "I'm An A-hole" vote, perhaps -- a fact which some campaigns have not yet learned.
How many Americans are unwilling to sacrifice for a good cause, for family, for whatever? The weasel-word "some" doesn't cut it here; how many Americans does this guy think are total narcissists who wouldn't give up a single luxury for the most worthy recipient?

Now, just when you think you've got the Bad Samaritan demographic nailed down, think about this: how frivolous is an iPhone, and how many Apple fanboys are voting Obama?

So, be careful with your stereotypes and your middle-America bashing. A similar embarrassment happened after the 2004 election, when disappointed Democrats were calling all the red-staters stupid, dirt-poor welfare mooches. The problem was, the numbers didn't differentiate among people within the state (so, like, all the poor idiots in the red state might have voted Democrat), and, well, D.C. got awfully lonely as the blue "state" down at the bottom. The implications are probably too scary to get into in polite conversation, but if any libs bring that up, go ahead and scandalize them.

Anyway, my comment:

Americans were incensed over a joke of a candidate making a nonsensical, non sequitur remark about inflating their tires. Even though Obama's numbers were wrong (that is, the amount of gas saved through proper inflation would be nowhere near the amount of oil that could be pumped domestically if Democrats would stop obstructionist politics), let's take them to be accurate, arguendo. So, inflating one's tires will reduce consumption and thus reduce dependence on foreign oil. OK, so why not have us inflate our tires AND drill domestically? Obama's implicit false dilemma speaks of a weak mind too mired in shameless partisan politics to bother putting simple premises together.

Sorry if that went way above your head, but those incensed Americans aren't as simple as you seem to think. Do your homework next time before passing ignorant garbage like this off as journalism.


At 4:21 PM, August 19, 2008 , Blogger Stuart A. Thompson said...

The weasel-word "disappointed Democrats" doesn't cut it here....

Hyperbole comes too easy. The article you critique at least avoided sweeping labels like this. Need a blogger spell out the numbers in such a sentence, really? In the end, the word "some" is not inaccurate -- just vague, and appropriately so.

Is it about frivolity? No-one's hating on SUVs because they're too pretty. While you make a good comparison about unnecessary products, doesn't it also support the blogger's claim that "the slightest bit of sacrifice is too much for some Americans"?

At 2:32 PM, August 21, 2008 , Blogger Vernunft said...


The ones voting for Obama.

Which was my entire point.



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