Monday, August 11, 2008


Incredibly smart bloggers who are experts in your respective fields - do me a solid.

I can't tell you're smart unless you, like, do something fancy with your site, or make posts really long, or exude smartness somehow. This sounds like it's my problem that I can't recognize smart commentary by its content alone, but here's the deal about that - I'm not an economist. Or a psychologist. Or a biologist, or a physicist, or a metamathematician. So I'm going to have a hard time sifting through the pseudointellectualism and triviality to find the real pros. Now in the fields I know (law and philosophy, I hope), I can judge content on its own terms. In other fields, not so much, and the additional problem is that I'm interested in fields I don't quite understand, so I need your help. Don't be corny.

Take this. It's the webpage of a leading Kant scholar. You wouldn't know that from looking at it, though, would you?

Please avoid this sort of mismatch between style and substance.


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