Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Guilt by Association

Crooked Timber.

Attention authors of blogs I like - stop linking to these ivory-tower creeps. It makes me lose all respect for you. I don't see the appeal of


We're clear, then.

We won't link them anymore.


And I'll see about that Michael Savage thing, I guess.


At 4:38 PM, August 06, 2008 , Blogger Nick Milne said...

Reading that blog is a strange experience. Their posts seem to offer no consistent position on anything, nor any real depth of insight even when they vary, but the links in their sidebar say a great deal about the level and quality of thinking to be expected even when it is not immediately apparent what the hell they're talking about. Pandagon? Pharyngula? Eau maille maille.

It may interest you to know that we Romish Thralls have what I could now only describe as our own version of that place, though about 5% of what is posted there is cool.

And yeah, as far as Savage goes, if you could develop some method of punching him in the face several times over the Internet it would be pretty great. I'm not suggesting that this shouldhappen - no threats here, no sir! - but in a hypothetical universe in which it could happen, the moral value attached to the act would be 1 rather than 0.

At 9:34 PM, August 07, 2008 , Blogger Vernunft said...

Pandagon, wow. I had no idea that existed. Yeah, I can see why egghead academics would want that ugly, stupid site associated with them!

People are fools.

I'm starting to doubt that blogs can be a good thing.


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