Friday, May 23, 2008


Figure that one out.
The fire lit by Ron Paul, and the masses of young people who have flocked to warm their hands at it, are easier for a conservative to understand. I might agree, as some of my colleagues murmur, that some updating and culling is in order, but Dr. Paul’s main message is heartily, full-throatedly, unapologetically conservative, in a way we have not seen for a long time. It’s not going anywhere this season, nor likely the next, but the Paul campaign offers proof that conservatism is still alive and can still find converts among the thoughtful young.
Ron Paul is all things to all people. He appeals on each issue by being uncompromising and pure on that issue, but I suspect most libertarians supporting him aren't comfortable (to say the least) with his immigration hawkishness and his solidly pro-life position. People who are in love with his small-government plan of cutting taxes and slashing spending probably ignore the catastrophic effects of eliminating entire government agencies. Dr. Paul's foreign policy bizarrely hearkens back to a time when we ignored the world and gave evil time to regroup - and this isolationism is supposed to be a selling point.

Is there anyone out there who can say that he likes everything Ron Paul says? Anyone?


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