Thursday, February 03, 2011


Oh geez this is awkward. I knew I wasn't updating, but July? Wow. I'd better cook something up to say. Crap. Having had a job was rough on the blogging.


At 12:56 AM, February 11, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Vernunft,

This may sound like an impossible request considering how rude I behaved in posting on one of your previous postings, but I was hoping you may be able to remove this comment:

At 4:18 AM, September 09, 2009 , Blogger BabakTheOldSport said...

how can someone as intelligent as you list so many stupid people on your 'links of note'? FUCK REPUBLICANS.

from your post entitled "I am a Strange Loop: Nagging Dualism".

I can assure you I do not know who posted the comment under your response, though it might seem like two and two fit together pretty well and it must be me!

In 2009, I was still a hot-headed liberal still trying to discover the world. I was irrational in the sense that I thought much too emotionally.

It is not that I consider myself a conservative now, (Centre-Left and Secular Communitarian) it is just that I have matured and learned not to behave like a child and rant at people on random blogs. Part of my confusion must have arisen from not quite understanding that to be an Atheist is not necessarily to always be a liberal or left leaning. My confusion at the time drove me to suspicion and anger, much of it fueled by inaccurate and simplistic views of the world around me. If you could accept my apology and remove that comment I would really appreciate it. I would remove it myself but I deleted the email address associated with that blog way back in December of 2009.

Thanks very much,


At 11:03 PM, February 12, 2011 , Blogger Vernunft said...

Deleted, and Auskunft's response makes no sense without your comment, so that was also deleted.


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