Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Lost Half-Decade

I cannot believe that this is good news, but I may become an LSAT tutor sometime soon. My only qualification for the job is the LSAT score I achieved in 2004.

Going to law school was certainly a good move! Besides the opportunity cost of those three years, I incurred substantial debt. Additionally, I've got another degree to make me look even more overqualified. And, well, something happened that I could not predict - Bush's domestic chickens came home to roost and then we got an even worse, slightly more ethnic version to seal our economic doom. But hey! LSAT tutor! That should be a relevant job until people realize that law school is a colossal waste!


At 9:28 AM, July 08, 2009 , Blogger Freiheit said...

Congrats on the job, but yeah, I understand where you're coming from. I'm about to do some collections work, which makes me feel awesome about going to law school.

Maybe you should move to Arizona. We can start a firm devoted to collections, IP law, and... uh... Kantian ethics. Hmmm.


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