Monday, November 24, 2008


Don't go to bat for Donovan McNabb. He's not bad, surely, but he's not the god of quarterbacking who is supposed to take the Eagles to the Super Bowl every year. In case you hadn't noticed, that hasn't been happening. If he hadn't been hyped up to Hall of Fame status, it might not be a big deal when he plays horribly, but Pennsylvania was sold a bill of goods on this guy. First, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie threatened to move the team if PA taxpayers didn't agree to a sweetheart stadium deal for him. The Eagles also got rid of Jeff Garcia, a passable QB, in favor of the McNabb fetish. And the O-line and defense have seemingly been utterly neglected in a pathological focus on McNabb, McNabb, McNabb. What the Eagles are left with is the best back in the league (Brian Westbrook), who can't do a damn thing with an group of lineman reminiscent of the Maginot Line. Jim Johnson, the brilliant defensive coordinator, has been bleeding personnel because of the single-minded pursuit of McNabb targets on offense.

Basically, shut up. McNabb isn't the only problem, but he's a problem. Andy Reid is a problem. Jeffrey Lurie is a problem. And the Eagles are in the basement of the NFC East. Way to go, dudes.


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