Friday, July 18, 2008

NFL Commissioner - Idiot or Tool?

Roger S. Goodell to free market: drop dead.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said it's "ridiculous" to reward untested rookies with lucrative contracts, and wants the issue addressed in contract talks.
Absolutely ridiculous! This is why no team would do it, of course; teams are out to make money, and if giving big contracts to rookies were economically inefficient, the teams that did it would fail.


Oh, teams are doing it? Well, then you're wrong and stupid, Goodell!

You know what's actually ridiculous, immoral, incompatible with a liberal democracy, and something Mr. Goodell should put a stop to forever: public funding for NFL stadiums. You know, I think stealing people's money is a little worse than some NFL team deciding to spend its own money in an arguably risky way.

Chew on that, Rog.


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