Sunday, November 25, 2007


I have had several recent revelations about the good and ill I can do with this blog. Therefore, I am going to try to cut down on the philosophy content, at least as far as daily posting goes. More entertaining posts with broader appeal are apparently the savagest of technology. On the other hand, I do not intend to actually eliminate the philosophy content, but to systematize it. Thus, those who want devastating, intelligent posts on popular culture will not have to wade through a mess of German obscurantism every week, but those who do appreciate the transcendental idealism will find a neat little corner carved out for it. I hope to keep content at five-days-a-week despite having to resist 1500-word posts about the Critique.

What this means is not settled for me. I may need to go back to the crutch of posting about what I, and only I, find relevant. But I have plans for the philosophy content, plans that may lead to Bigger Things. But Bigger Things must wait on Final Exams, and thus I do not expect the great philosophy project to start until at least January. Then, perhaps, we will see.

Until then, please enjoy the same awesome content from the same awesome bloggers here at the Skeptic.


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